Incorporated group of companies RKP holding includes market participants which successfully operate the following areas: medicine, tourism, oil and gas equipment. and cunstruct buildinds.

Over the years, our companies have built collaboration and customer care at the highest level.

The construction and design since 1998 year

dom arhSince 1998 year company from RKP has designed more than 150 homes and buildings were given over 1,700 positive findings of examination of projects.

Our orders:

  •     Shopping centers,
  •     Group blocks of flats,
  •     medical institutions,
  •     pamyatiki theaters and cultural cities.
  •     and much more.

Travel business

One year of satisfied tourists traveling to destinations in Russia, Azerbaijan and the Middle East. In the near future the opening direction of Italy.

Мedical service

This ophthalmologic complex became a scientific institution at the same time, modern clinic, training center and experimental production. In major Russian cities, the doctors of the highest ranks at the proper level of technology with the help of modern equipment for the diagnosis and treatment is absolutely all kinds of eye diseases in both adults and children. Over the twenty-five year period of "Eye Microsurgery":

  • effectively cured five and a half million patients,
  • We underwent a full examination and received conservative treatment sixteen million patients.

putinEvery year treated more than 350 thousand people, of which 63% - are patients with serious eye conditions, 85% of all surgical care - is the operation carried out on the highest category of complexity.

"... The clinic is considered one of the most reputable, competitive research and treatment centers."

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Oil, gas and Energy industry

Creating and selling equipment for oil-processing plants, for service stations. Construction of tank farms and a lot more for the oil and gas industry.

The holding RKP includes leading developers and manufacturers of process equipment for the oil and gas industry.
Industry business RKP provide customers variety of services for the implementation of projects for the production of process equipment - from the development of design documentation to manufacturing and supply of equipment.

new oil baseMy offer an innovative solution for storage depots: "The new tank farm" - is:

  •         Lower construction costs
  •         Increasing the level of automation
  •         Monitoring of leaks
  •         Protection against unauthorized downloading
  •         Reduced operating costs
  •         Increasing the accuracy and objectivity of accounting



We work for the benefit of our countries and we believe it is our duty to serve people